Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Participate in Hey Baby this Friday night. Lots of free art for people to use to respond to, raise awareness about, prevent & resist sexual harassment in public spaces.

approximate event schedule:
doors at 7pm
7:30-8:30 community conversation
8:30-9:30 art viewing, stenciling, blogging, video interviewing
9:30-10:00 cheer time followed by reclaiming the streets with the asheville circus band

Black Woman Walking

SUMMER: As the temperature increases so does harassment

This index card comes from indexed, via Holla Back Chicago.

Dear Guy Downtown

"Dear Guy Downtown,
Just because I was wearing a short skirt, it's not alright to come behind me and lift it up and say whatever you said."

Collected at The Gala, 4 April 2009

Sidewalk in my hometown

"Once while walking on the sidewalk in my hometown, a car drove by slowly. I barely caught a glimpse of the driver, an older Latino man who smiled and waved, because I looked quickly down, not knowing how to respond to my stereotyping of the extra-friendliness of the male-Latino driver community. And as I turned and saw the back of the car as it drove away, I realized it was my friend's dad who was just saying hi."

The Gala 4 April 2009

Collecting Stories

We are working out how folks can post their own stories. For now, we've been collecting stories from folks in person, and giving them the option of including or excluding their names. More to follow!

Walking Near the Vance Memorial

"That was really fucked up when I was walking near the Vance Memorial (where tons of people are eating outside and playing instruments on the sidewalk) and an older man with a rolly suitcase was walking toward me. It looked as if we would bump into each other if one of us didn't move so I scooted out of the way at the last minute. As he passed me, he kicked me very hard in the shin and said "get outta my way bitch." I was so hurt and surprised I had no idea how to react. Plus, I didn't want to jeopardize my safety anymore. However, all of the people eating and sitting 20 feet away could have done something. At least one man asked me, "Did he just kick you?" I guess he was trying to ask "are you okay?" which would have been better."

Collected at The Gala 4 April 2009

Welcome to Holla Back Asheville

Holla Back Asheville was born from conversations about sexual harassment in public spaces...